A free wallet for crypto-curious businesses

Remox makes it easy & free for you to run a payroll, pay suppliers, and request payments with crypto on the blockchain payment rails

Move your crypto with ease

Remox unlocks a simple, secure and free way to interact with blockchain-based payment rails.

All the features help you move crypto

Remox has everything you need to run your business on the blockchain ecosystem

Move crypto to run a payroll

Make mass payouts just
one click for free

Move crypto to pay someone

Pay your suppliers or contractors by email or wallet address

Move crypto to request payment

Send invoices and collect payments by email for free

Move crypto to create recurring payouts

Create recurring payouts with ease

Move crypto to earn more crypto

A new kind of saving account with up to 20% APY

Move crypto to add fiat money

Buy or sell crypto through your bank account with ease



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